Singgah sebentar di dunia blogger.tak lama pun sekejap jer.

since i am in medical territory now, i have less less time to get involve in blogging. after 3 months as young medical students here, i really2 dont know whats going out out there. here, there're no tv, no time to search for the Fm, but moreeeee time to fbing.still u know.i cant delete this habit out from my hobby.hehe..yo la nanti nak contact dengan bf kat india tu cmne.long distance relationship a.k.a LDR la katakan. i just decided to hye to my hensem,jelita friends out there.hye.hye u all:DD

here, i have new foster family lived in Kudat.3 to 4 hours from K.kinabalu.naek bukit turun bukit masuk hutan xde lampu tepi2 scary u know.waaa...:(
our penyerahan anak angkat, me n my partner, malay guy from my batch was held at pusat kesihatan sikuati.somewhere in Kudat.boleh katakan rural area la. mostly orang kg.sikuati nie berbangsa rungus,so apa2 yang dorang cakap kami tak paham. senyum sengih2 sorang diri jela. sadly, our foster family only have mak cik taat and sorang cucu laki je kat rumah dia.coz her husband was dead,when??me also forget but she had mentioned it before. and her daughter semua kerja kat luar.i dont know where..

last day in Kudat, we went to pantai simpang mengayau, located at the tip of borneo woo.cantik giler kat sana.sumpah serious tak tipu. air laut biru jernih, xde sampah, betol2 cantik.x caya tengok gambaq kat bawah nie naa..

Bye bye Kudat.